Addiction is a family disease
that stresses a family to the breaking point.

You are not alone.




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Find a treatment center with a solid family program that will help you and your child both recover from the disease of addiction.



We are a resource for parents who are dealing with an adult child who is an active addict or recovering from addiction.

Parents in Need is here to help.
We know that you are tired of suffering alone.

We know you are tired of suffering alone, worrying about your loved one.

Our network of treatment centers provides resources from detox to outpatient,
alumni programs and family programs to help your family recover together.


Some parents have been dealing with an addicted child for years, and for others, this is new territory. No matter where you are in this sad and lonely process, there is help. There are many options for your adult child to receive treatment, no matter how far down the scale they have gone. There are treatment programs for those with a lifelong addiction to hard substances to those who are feeling the first nip of the wringer. These programs range in their effectiveness and longevity.

If you are considering finding treatment for your adult child, it is important you arm yourself with the facts. There is a lot to learn, from interventions to sober companions to finding the right treatment program to dual diagnosis. We strive to be the resource for parents to learn about how to deal with their child’s addiction and get them help.

Of course, just knowledge alone is not enough. There must be action on your part, but mostly on the part of your adult child. If they are lucky enough to still be gainfully employed, or if you have them on your insurance plan, there are lots of options for your family. Even if your adult child is not insured, there are resources for them. Contact a treatment advisor to get the help you and your child need.

The toll-free number at the top right of this screen is an excellent way to find treatment programs for your loved one. Regardless of your financial ability to pay for care, there are options to help your child find sustained recovery. Simply call, and a treatment advisor can go over your options with you.

There are 6 options for your adult child


Maybe your child doesn’t know about their options and needs to learn how much their family cares about them and won’t enable their addiction any longer.


For those people on hard drugs, a medically supervised detox is an important start to any recovery program, and is usually followed by inpatient treatment.


Also called residential treatment, stays can range from two weeks to three months. Your child is in a safe place, getting round-the-clock care, group and individual therapy, and more.


Sometimes used alone and sometimes following an inpatient stay, outpatient treatment is often a day or a night program, several days a week, with individual and group therapy sessions.


Look for treatment that offers a lifetime of aftercare. Addiction is a disease that can be managed with treatment, but it never goes away.

Sober Living

After your child has completed treatment, they may need a transition time to get back on their feet. This low-cost housing is an extension of treatment and provides a safe and structured environment.

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